Fest & Flirt 2019

    Welcome to the website of Denmark's largest and naughtiest private nonprofit potluck for naughty women, men and couples!

    The party in 2019 will be held on November 23rd.

    Again, the party will be held at a beautiful estate in Central Zealand. Here we have the perfect setting for yet another exclusive and erotic event with 180 of the most erotic people from Denmark and our neighboring countries - an event you simply cannot miss!

    - Party with style in an exclusive setting
    - Adult games with a light erotic touch
    - Afternoon coffee
    - 3 course menu with wine
    - Late night snack and breakfast
    - Top entertainment
    - Denmark's naughtiest waiter team
    - Dirty Night - for an even naughtier party

What is Fest & Flirt?



A1. Couple, ½ suite (Bedroom) - DKK 2.398,00
A2. Couple, ½ suite (Living Room) - DKK 2.398,00
A3. Couple, Large room - DKK 2.298,00,00
B1. Couple, Small 2 People's Room - DKK 2.098,00
B2. Female Shared Small 2 People's Room - DKK 1049,00,00
B3. Couple, Party ticket only* - DKK 1.498,00
B4. Woman, Party ticket only* - DKK 749,00
C1. Male, Shared Small Room - DKK 1.049.00
C2. Male, Shared Small Room (no bathroom) - DKK 949.00
E. Male, Party ticket only* - DKK 749,00

All prices are inclusive coffee in the afternoon, welcome drink, 3 course dinner with ad libitum wine, night snacks and light breakfast buffet. During the whole party the bar is open with sale of beer, wine, softdrinks and alcoholic drinks for only DKK 10,00.

Payment terms

1. Upon confirmation of registration, the full fee for the party must be paid.
2. Payment must be in our bank account, no later than 3 business days after registration

Since it is a nonprofit party, all expenses must be covered by the registered participants at any time. There are therefore the following rules regarding cancellation:
1. In case of cancellation before September 23rd 2019, the amount paid will be refunded less a fee of DKK 100.00 per Paid person. This amount corresponds to the deposit paid for the rent of the estate. If there are available seats and you wish to register again at a later date, you will have to pay the full fee again.
2. If canceled later than September 23rd 2019, the amount paid will not be refunded.

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