Fest & Flirt 2019

    Welcome to the website of Denmark's largest and naughtiest private nonprofit potluck for naughty women, men and couples!

    The party in 2019 will be held on November 23rd.

    Again, the party will be held at a beautiful estate in Central Zealand. Here we have the perfect setting for yet another exclusive and erotic event with 180 of the most erotic people from Denmark and our neighboring countries - an event you simply cannot miss!

    - Party with style in an exclusive setting
    - Adult games with a light erotic touch
    - Afternoon coffee
    - 3 course menu with wine
    - Late night snack and breakfast
    - Top entertainment
    - Denmark's naughtiest waiter team
    - Dirty Night - for an even naughtier party

What is Fest & Flirt?

This is how we party!

Since 2004 we have held Denmark's most gallant sex party every fall. The name of our naughty party is Fest & Flirt (Danish for Party and Flirt). The party is a 100% private nonprofit potluck - created by a bunch of delightful enthusiasts and kept going by the irresistible lovely warm and especially naughty participants. More than 25 unpaid volunteers participate as cook, waiters, bartenders and guards, helping to make the party a very special experience.

This is the party where women are spoiled by many men - and the men benefit from the lovely, willing, naughty women who enjoy being surrounded by flirting gentlemen. Many of the participants have a profile on one or more of the naughty dating sites on the web. Although you do not have a profile on a dating site, you are of course very welcome and we do our utmost to ensure the necessary discretion about the participation in the party, including anonymity to the other guests - if that is what you want.

It's a party with style so women wear evening dresses and men dark suit or tuxedo when we start the evening with dinner, dance and socialization - and a little "innocent" flirt. At this party, it can move on - yes, to go all the way and let the flirt end in delicious naughty sex. The set-up is based on that men have license to flirt off the women's panties - lure women to discrete naughty excursions ... either in the bedrooms or in the special sex area... well, wherever it is possible. All of course, must be done with style.

The event starts Saturday afternoon, where a number of common fun and light erotic activities have been established to socialize and flirt with each other and to establish the right erotic atmosphere for the evening and night events. The main activity is an exciting and naughty party event in the evening starting with a nice dinner with fine wines - A real Ladies & Gents Night, where the men take extra good care of all the lovely willing women with attention, flirt and intimate dance... and that what is much naughtier!

Dirty Night
A regular part of the concept is Dirty Night that starts when dinner ends. The DJ plays up to intimate dance, there is erotic entertainment and the special sex area opens where sex can be enjoyed while others can have the opportunity to watch.

Now there also going to be sex in the whole building; On the dance floor, in the banquet hall and in the rooms. Of course, the bar is still open and the party goes on - just a lot naughtier!

Dress Code
Since the concept is a naughty party with style, we have a Dress Code for each of the 3 parts of the party.

Afternoon: Nice casual attire
Evening: It is mandatory that women wear evening dress and men are in dark suit or tuxedo.
Dirty Night: Especially women are now encouraged to change their clothes to a more piquant sexy attire.

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